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  • Back Pain Controls Every Aspect Of My Life. I Can't Sit To Long and It Bothers My Work Performance and Worse, I Miss Playing With My Kids
  • I'm Tired of Snapping At My Family Because I'm Always So Exhausted and Anxious 
  • Lying In My Quiet Dark Room Because of Unbelievably Painful Headaches Are Robbing Me Of My Life.
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  • My Digestion is horrible, I'm tired of Looking For A Bathroom 
  • Descriptions of each Acupuncture Point written so you can understand and FIND them 
  • Pictures of each point on varying Human Models so your can See Exactly Where The Points Are 
  • Learn to Find and Treat the Following 40 Conditions At The Comfort and Convenience of Your Own Home
  • Anemia  ∙  Ankle Pain  ∙  Anxiety  ∙  Arthritis of the Upper Extremity  ∙ Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the Arteries)  ∙  Acute Low Back Pain  
  • Chronic Low Back Pain  ∙  Clonus  ∙  Cough  ∙  Diabetes  ∙  Diarrhea  ∙          Eye Strain  ∙  Face Palsy  ∙  Facial Beautification  ∙  Gastric (Stomach) Pain    
  • General Fatigue  ∙  Headache  ∙  Hearing Problems  ∙  Hypertension   ∙ Impotence  ∙  Insomnia  ∙  Intercostal Rib Neuralgia  ∙  Influenza (flu)\
  • Irregular Menstruation  ∙  Knee Pain  ∙  Paralysis of the Lower Limb   ∙  Recovery of Fatigue  ∙  Rheumatoid Arthritis  ∙  Sciatica  ∙  Sinus problems   
  • Sleep Difficulties  ∙  Skin Disorder (Acne, Eczema, Neurodermatitis)  ∙ Shoulders and Upper Back Pains  ∙  Stiff Neck  ∙  Toothache  
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia  ∙  Upper Limb Achy and Numb  ∙  Urinary Bladder Issues  ∙  Vertigo  ∙  Weight Reduction   
  •  Book pays for itself in 4 sessions (you will need to do at least 10 per issue)
  •  Not Theory, All Practical Steps and Solutions Spelled Out
  •  Pictures & Descriptions To Find The Exact Points
East meets West with Real World Experience Working in a Chinese Hospital for 4 Years
Results were amazing! I can lunge again
I’ve had terrible pain in my right knee for years now. It would ache from going up too many stairs, I would have to go up one at a time. I tried Needless Acupuncture. It was so fantastic!!! The results were amazing! I can lunge again when I exercise, and I can go upstairs without taking them one at time. My knee is not stiff and it doesn’t ache. One of the advantages to the needleless acupuncture was that I could do it myself. I could work on my knee anywhere. The illustrations made all the difference. I can find the pressure points I need to use, and I noticed the difference in just a few days. I will definitely continue to keep up the procedures and intend to explore more ways to help the rest of me! And P.S. I'm afraid of needles  
-Krista F. Lafayette, LA
  • Tried chiropractic and massage but you didn’t get results?
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  • No need to commute  
  • Doctor bill get too high in the past?

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