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Knee Pain Relief! I can lunge again.

I’ve had terrible pain in my right knee for years now. It would ache from going up too many stairs, I would have to go up one at a time. I tried Needless Acupuncture. It was so fantastic!!! The results were amazing! I can lunge again when I exercise, and I can go upstairs without taking them one at time. My knee is not stiff and it doesn’t ache. One of the advantages to the needleless acupuncture was that I could do it myself. I could work on my knee anywhere. The illustrations made all the difference. I can find the pressure points I need to use, and I noticed the difference in just a few days. I will definitely continue to keep up the procedures and intend to explore more ways to help the rest of me! And P.S. I'm afraid of needles   -Krista F. Lafayette, LA.
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